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What says love and God’s grace more than a warm quilt? Colorful quilts are sent out in the world each fall to become a shelter, a comfort and a solace to people who are so in need of these things. Tuesday mornings at 9:30 the quilters meet to enjoy their craft and each other’s company knowing they are creating comfort for so many.

Then each fall, before the quilts are sent out into the world, they grace our sanctuary draped cheerfully over each pew in a riot of patterns, colors and textures. Many say it is their favorite Sunday because the rich colors and the loving thoughts that accompany each quilt into the world warms our souls, too. We send them off with a blessing modified from “Worship Boldly” (2005 Women of the ELCA). Our blessing says, in part:

We dedicate these quilts to your service Lord, trusting that your love will go wherever each item is sent making it more than just a piece of material, a collection of items–making each piece an expression of love.

There is now way for us to imagine the power and effect an act of love can have on a person’s life–how you can use something as small as a quilt, to radiate your love from us to the world.

May these quilts be used in your service and become blessings for all who receive them. Amen.