Ministry of the Month

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During the year, we focus on one program or ministry opportunity each month. The focus may be for a specific need locally, nationally or world-wide. A craft fair each year helps with the fundraising for these ministries. We look forward to seeing how these different opportunities might open up our eyes to God’s mission in the world. Check the calendar for this month’s ministry opportunity.

February 2019

All money given will go towards the Stork Basket Fund which was set up by the women of the church to provide a “basket” of useful items (diapers, etc.) for babies born to church members.
This is a wonderful way to support our Moms and Dads and their new babies.

In addition, now through February, kindergarten level books and games are welcomed for a rural Idaho school with limited resources (Castleford, ID). English/Spanish/Bilingual items are most needed. If you would like to donate, please look for the box in the church Fellowship Hall. Check the February newsletter for more details.

January 2019

Valentine boxes for the ten Redeemer military personnel on our prayer list. Bring fruit rolls, dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, sunflower seeds, granola bars, beef jerky/sticks, small sausages, gum, foil packages of tuna, cheese or peanut butter crackers, pringles, hard candy, small LED flashlights, eye drops, lip balm or individual drink mixes like tang or crystal lite. Also money for mailing the packages. Checks should indicate: MoM in the memo line.


Check out the monthly quilt in the Fellowship Hall.  Each month a recently made quilt will be on display for your enjoyment and appreciation of the dedicated work of the women who quilt each week, fifty weeks a year. Let’s enjoy their quilts every week, not just on quilt Sunday. Remember, if you have no longer used flat sheets, material, thread, or batting it can be donated to the quilters and placed in the basket under the quilt.