Ministry of the Month

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During the year, we focus on one program or ministry opportunity each month. The focus may be for a specific need locally, nationally or world-wide. A craft fair each year helps with the fundraising for these ministries. We look forward to seeing how these different opportunities might open up our eyes to God’s mission in the world. Check the calendar for this month’s ministry opportunity.

June-July 2020

In June and July we will be collecting school supplies for the Horseshoe Bend Elementary school. It is hoped that people will drop items off at the church or donate money so items can be purchased. There was a brief article in the last Redeemer Reporter in which the school Principal, Cora Larson, shared, “These are such strange times and I have found that faith has been paramount for resilience and positive mental health”. Items needed: white board markers, white board erasers, binders, black and blue pens, spiral notebooks, headphones, Ticonderoga #2 pencils The school Principal, Cora Larson, was raised at Grace Lutheran in Horseshoe Bend and feels connected to Redeemer for that reason.

April-May 2020

In April and May we will collect monetary donations for South Junior High.  These monies go for low income student school fees for electives, activity cards, and supplies.






Check out the monthly quilt in the Fellowship Hall.  Each month a recently made quilt will be on display for your enjoyment and appreciation of the dedicated work of the women who quilt each week, fifty weeks a year. Let’s enjoy their quilts every week, not just on quilt Sunday. Remember, if you have no longer used flat sheets, material, thread, or batting it can be donated to the quilters and placed in the basket under the quilt.